Why We Don’t Recommend Shock/Static Collar

Unfortunately, we have had to go fix many side issues stemming from the use of shock/static collars. We are strong advocates against their use for the following reasons:

  • They cause pain
  • They cause stress
  • They can cause aggression
  • They can cause side issues such as marking/soiling, fearfulness, etc.
  • There are alternative humane methods so why not use them?
  • They can cause burns
  • They are often misused

Shock collars are banned in many countries so why would we find it acceptable ourselves?
Yes, I’ve been told many times “but I tried it and it was just a tap.” However, what level will be used on your dog? In order to have the dog perform the wanted behavior, the electric shock must be high enough, thus painful enough, to get the wanted result.

As world-known veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall says: “To understand people’s willingness to shock their dogs and cats (and sometimes horses), one important association needs to be acknowledged: people reach for tools such as shock when they feel helpless to address their pet’s behavioral concerns and when they feel that this is the only way that they can keep their pet safe and alive. Unfortunately, companies that make and market shock collars prey on these concerns, claiming that their products keep pets safe and save lives. There is no published evidence to support these claims, but there is now considerable evidence published in the peer-reviewed literature that refutes them.”

For more details, here is a great article with scientific back up on why using a shock/static collar is a very bad idea and not necessary: https://www.greenacreskennel.com/dog-behavior-and-training/the-unintended-consequences-of-shock-collars.html
Choose kindness, choose education, choose positive reinforcement and methods that make sense to your dog’s nature.

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