Level 1 K9 Training


Private Lessons

90 Minutes for $175 in Wake & Johnston County

For quick results, one-on-one private training is a great option. During your private session, we customize your dog’s training to meet your specific goals. We teach you how to lead and effectively communicate with each other and point out anything else we notice to help ensure your relationship is the best it can be.

Private Training occurs in your home or a specified location such as a park.

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Rowdy Rover Private Package

Is your dog is over-excited, rambunctious, too energetic, reactive, or aggressive while walking past dogs and/or people?

We will show you how to teach your dog to behave politely in public around people and dogs, and how to remain calm around various distractions and situations.

  • We begin with a private lesson in your home for 1.5 hours. This helps to eliminate any negative behaviors that are transferring from inside to out in public. It also ensures that your dog is listening to you prior to any public venue.

  • Your second session will be at a park where we can practice around other dogs and people.

  • Your last two sessions are based on your dog’s temperament and your goals, such as taking your dog to the park, brewery, restaurant, etc. Once your trainer meets your dog, they can guide you on these steps.

Cost: $455 for all 4 sessions

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K9 Training Group Classes

$75 for 3 Consecutive Weeks

Puppy Class


4 months or younger with proper vaccinations. Your puppy needs a fecal and two parvo/distemper shots from your veterinarian.

Using a combination of skills to not only teach your puppy proper manners, but also in a way that will condition, stretch, for the physical well being of your puppy.

We use exercise equipment to play socialization games, music, and movements to help your puppy become  or stay confident.

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Home Manners


Home Manners is best for pups between Puppy and Leash Classes.

  • Solidify your Sit/Stay

  • Wait outside the kitchen while you cook/eat, or any room as needed

  • Not lunging unsafely out of doors and cars

  • Off/Leave It for guests, trash, etc.

  • Not jumping

  • Down/Stay

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Leash Manners

Leash Pulling

This dog class covers:

  • Walking without pulling on a leash

  • Leadership skills so your dog will listen to you

  • Self-control for behaviors such as barking and jumping

  • Practicing Door Manners

  • Practicing how to walk past distractions such as joggers, poop, trash, strollers, etc.

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K9 Training School

3-Weeks of All-Day K9 Training for $2,350

We provide the home environment to teach them home manners and include field trips every 2-3 days for effective community manners. The greatest benefit of our K9 Training School is we save you the time and frustration that many people struggle with when attempting to train their own dog. It also allows us to really get to know your dog’s behavior so we can coach you on how to follow-up most effectively.
  • Your dog will enjoy field trips every 2-3 days at varying locations to learn polite public manners as well as self-control that will transfer back to your home environment. Locations include parks, malls, classes, pet stores, and businesses. This has proven to be a huge factor in the successful training of your dog.

  • We do not use shock/static collars. Our tools are based on trust and respect.

  • We make sure that we transfer the material back to you. This program includes TWO private consults in YOUR home.

    • The first one occurs when we return your dog so we can coach you on the learned material. (There is no point in your dog listening to us anymore :), they need to listen to you ultimately.

    • The second one happens 1-2 weeks later to bring in any loopholes.

  • We pick up your dog in your home environment so we can best service your particular needs and lifestyle.

  • We will send you regular photos of your dog’s progress so you can see what they are learning!

  • You have access to our group classes for free so you can have continuous support.

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Level 2 K9 Training

Prerequisite: Leash and Home Manners from Level 1 Group Classes

Urban Agility: Downtown Raleigh

This is the dog version of parkour! This fun class provides physical activity in which the dogs learn to interact with their environment. Just like in the human version, we work on climbing, balancing, and jumping.

This is a great class to build self-confidence, acquire tools to make your walks more productive and fun, and provide mental and physical stimulation for your pup.

Sunday, March 22

2:00pm – 3:00pm

Downtown Raleigh

Cost: $25

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Rally-O Class Series: Teamwork, Bonding, Mental Work

Rally-O is such a fun class to share with your canine buddy while promoting teamwork, bonding, and mental stimulation (for both owner and dog LOL).

You and your dog navigate a course that includes 10-20 signs. Each sign will indicate which exercise to perform.

While this is a fun activity to share with your dog, it also helps with focus and listening as well as self-control around other pups.

Sundays, March 22-April 19

(No class on Easter Sunday, April 12)​

2:45 pm – 3:45 pm 

Cost: $97 for the 4-week class.

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Nose Work

Why Nose Work? This exercise is great mental stimulation, confidence building, and physical activity. This fun activity gives your dog a positive, enjoyable outlet for his natural temperament.

You will benefit from the teamwork and bonding as you learn to listen to your dog.

Sundays, March 22-April 19

(No class on Easter Sunday, April 12)

1:30 pm – 2:15 pm

Cost: $120 for a 4-Week Class

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